Sunday, April 17, 2011

Standard 4: Instructional Delivery and Management

Physical education candidates use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning.

Christopher DeLuca
BOCES Student: _____ _________
Lab day and time: Friday 12:40-1:40
Semester and year: Spring 2010

Dear Parent/Guardian of _______ _________,
Hello, my name is Christopher DeLuca and I am a physical education major at SUNY Cortland.  I had the pleasure of meeting with _______ ten times this semester and I enjoyed it very much.  Throughout the semester ________ made great improvement in all three of the domains, which are the psychomotor, cognitive and affective domains.  For the psychomotor domain I had the short-term goal of ________ throwing a tennis ball at a target and hitting the target 2 out of 5 times with correct form.  At first Raven had difficulty with the throwing technique, but by the end of the semester _______ is doing much better.  To obtain this goal we worked every week on the technique of throwing by using bean bags, foam balls and tennis balls in different activities.  I learned that ________ likes SpongeBob therefore, I put SpongeBob targets on the wall and it made a huge difference in his effort.  ______ was throwing the ball harder and with better form than I had ever seen before therefore, I learned that _______ can complete the skills, its just a matter of motivating him to do it.  In the affective domain short-term goal I wanted _______ to follow all directions with out being given one prompt by the end of the semester.  At first, he was very shy and seemed hesitant to talk or really get into the activities that we were doing.  Once the third meeting came around he started to talk to me, ask questions, seemed to be opening up and having a great time.  He started to help me set up the area by putting cones around the area and placing the poly spots along the floor in the correct spots.  This was very helpful to me and it was enjoyable to see that he was learning the procedure of the way our lesson was set up.  He participated and listened to all my directions for the activities and never once was disobedient.  One of the lessons I planned a group warm up with him and two other students.  He worked great with the other students and I thought it was very beneficial to have group interaction for him.  He was very nice and worked well with the two other students.  For the cognitive domain, my short term goal for him was to be able to understand the difference between the locomotor skills of the run, hop, gallop and jump by the end of the semester.  He has achieved this goal because he knows there is a difference between all of these skills even though he does not perform them correctly every time.  When he is told to do something whether it is to kick, throw or jump he always understood what I was asking him to do and he always gave a good effort.  At first, he was shy and wait for my instructions when we got to our area in the beginning of the lesson.  By the third lesson he would run to our area and start setting up the cones and other equipment that was needed.  This helped me, but more importantly I thought it was great improvement for him because he understood what was going on in the lesson.  I had a great time with your son and I thank you for letting me work with him throughout the semester.

This artifact shows what I have accomplished with one semester with my adaptive student.  This also shows that I can communicate with a professional way to the parents to show their children's improvement.